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Your Problems Don't Define You

Some people are so bound to their problems that they don't know what to do without them, and if one lot of problems disappears, they get new ones to replace them. If our identity is linked to our problems they we will never be able to overcome them.


Problems are part of life but we don't have to make them a way of life. Once we understand that, life is so much easier. We are bound to encounter plenty of problems in the course of a day: bad traffic making us late for work, difficult clients, a forgotten deadline, an unexpected bill. But having problems doesn't have to mean that our lives are difficult. Difficulty depends on our perspective and how we deal with our problems. If we allow ourselves to define who we are by our problems then we create a life full of drama that needs life to be difficult. If we rather deal with problems as they arise and then let them go, we can avoid the drama and not base our life around our problems.

Coaching Question

Do you let your problems define you?

Daily Action

Look at how you deal with problems this week. Do you let them go once you have dealt with them? Or do you create a drama out of them and hang on to them. If that sounds like you, work out how you can let go of your problems once you have handled them. When you stop defining yourself by your problems you can let your true nature assert itself and redefine yourself more positively.


"Every solution breeds new problems." Arthur Bloch

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." Anthony J. D'Angelo

"A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting." Carlos Castaneda