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The Making of Calvin Klein Perfume

Everybody wants a bottle of Calvin Klein perfume. That is because their perfume is top of the line; best of the best. Calvin Klein is a legend. Every household in America, and most of the world, knows the name. Ever wonder how Calvin Klein came about, and how it became so popular for that matter?

Calvin Klein started out small and then turned into the big leagues. He was almost completely bankrupt at one point; that is how low down he was. He started with a childhood friend in the 60's with just a line of men and women's coats; hoping that would be his big break. His talent was slowly getting recognized, and it looked like his dream might become a reality.

In the 1970's, he branched out to women's apparel; instantly becoming a hit. His jeans became a staple in closets of women across the world. His affordable, top of the line jeans made him famous. Everywhere you went you saw the famous "Ck" emblem splashed in stores and headlines; Calvin Klein was now one of the top designers in the world. His talent was recognized, as was his dream.

Klein only kept moving up from there. In the 1980's he launched yet another top of the line apparel; and kept on doing so continuously. He was like a machine that could not get stopped. He was bright and talented with incredible fashion ideas that were overwhelmingly shocking to the world at large. No one thought twice anymore; this is the brand of clothes, coats, and perfumes that they wanted. This was what the world was waiting for; classy, stylish, and yet affordable. What more could a consumer ask for?

There was no looking back for Calvin. He made it big, and he never disappointed. He kept on producing quality products at quality prices. So, it came as no surprise when he launched yet another successful line; this time perfumes and fragrances. Men and women alike were instantly attracted to his unique and incredible smells; the names and fragrances that have become famous nation wide, and to this day are still the biggest sellers on the shelf. They were new and different, and every bottle of perfume held a promise of success; and successful they were. This line of perfume never stopped being popular since it was created way back in the 1980's. No one ever had any doubt about the perfumes and fragrances after his success in every other line of products he produced. This is why Calvin Klein perfume was an instant success, and still continue to be.

Calvin has received many awards for his success and his contributions to society. He very simply put, created a multi billion dollar industry with his brilliance and talent. Everything he touched turned to gold; from his coat line, to women and men apparel and then to his Calvin Klein perfume. He rose to the top because of his quality line of fashion at affordable prices. Today, his name is still one of the most trusted names in fashion society; and with good reason.