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How to Choose The Right Band Manager

Hiring someone to work as your manager is a serious decision for your career, having a manager means that you and your band members have someone to help take care of the band. The band manger is treated like another member, so all banda related decisions also pass through them. It's important to know that band managers are only effective during a contain point of a band's career. After all, why would you need a manager if there's nothing to manage? If you and your bands feel that you want to take it to the next level, then here are a few tips on how to choose a banda manager.

First, do you really need one?

Again, you need to make sure your banda is ready to have a banda manager. If you can just manage your banda by your own and be discipline enough to take care of it, then don't hire a manager just yet. However, if your schedule as a banda is becoming more hectic and bigger opportunities become more abundant, then it's time for a manager.

You got a friend

Most bands would choose someone they personally know to help them manage the bands. Someone who they've known for years, maybe before the bands started to become know or while they were still starting out in the music industry. Remember, the band manager is another member for the bands. He or she will also need to pitch in and help make decisions for the band and get it going to the right direction. The manager needs to be a friend that the bands can trust. If your band is just after the promotions and gigs, it's better to just sign up for talent agents in New York City.

Good PR

The manager needs to know how to talk to people. Clients might be interested in booking your bands for an event, so your manager is the one that faces them, lays out the deal on the table and talks about what the bands gets during the gig. They're also there to help protect your rights. You may be artists, but you do have bills to pay.

Knows the scene

The best manages are the ones who know the scene, someone who has connections to bars, music lounges, and events. He or she needs to be updated about what's going on with the industry and what opportunities are best for the band. It also helps if they can get you into talent agents in New York City for bookings and gigs.