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History of the Human Shoes

I'm sure not a lot readers in here get asked the question "what is a shoe?", primarily because nobody in this world doesn't know what a shoe is except perhaps the babies right? In fact even my 2 year old nephew knows what shoes are. Whether it's Converse shoes, Nike shoes, etc, shoes are very popular nowadays. But anyway, I'd like to share some facts about shoes that aren't that popular but interesting.

Shoes in the early days, were just used to protect our ancestors foot but was later used as an item of decoration in itself. Amazingly, shoes were not worn by most of the earth's human population until recent years. A physical anthropologist by the name of Erik Trinkaus firmly believes that he found evidence that proves that the use of shoes started in the period between 40,000 and 26,000 years ago. Imagine that? Most scientists believe that early civilizations existed way before that but didn't use shoes until then? I can only Imagine how painful it must have been for their feet when walking.

According to some research, the early designs were just simple affairs, to protect the feet from rocks, cold and debris, they just often used mere "foot bags". Turn shoes had been developed with toggled flaps or drawstring because they wanted to tighten the leather around the foot, the reason? it was for a better fit. Eventually toes became pointed and long.

In the 1800s shoes were made without any differentiation for right or left foot and you want to know what they called them? They called it "straights' and gradually the modern for-specific practice become religiously standard.

In the mid-20 century up to date, I think you know what happened, Different brand of shoes have sprung up globally. The most popular brands are Converse, Nike, Wolky and others.