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Free Magic Tricks From Scotland - The Knot From Nowhere!

Yet another amazing Magic Trick from Scotland.

This is a great little trick with a handkerchief and it can performed anywhere and anytime.

How The Trick Appears To The Audience

The Magician takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and holds it by one corner in his right hand. He lifts the bottom corner of the handkerchief with his left hand and places it beside the corner already in his right hand. He then releases the corner, with a quick shake. After a few shakes a knot appears at the bottom of the handkerchief! The knot is genuine and can be untied by a member of the audience.

How The Trick Is Done

Take a handkerchief and tie a single knot about one inch from one corner.

When you are ready to perform the trick, reach into your pocket with your right hand and take hold of the knotted corner in your right fingers, then pull the handkerchief from your pocket.

Hold the handkerchief in your right fist with the knot hidden in your fingers and the inch of handkerchief above the knot protruding from the top of your fist.

Your hand is held so your thumb and first finger are at the top and your pinky is towards the floor.

With your left hand, point to the the untied lower corner and then take that corner and place it between the thumb and first finger of your right hand.

Your right thumb and first finger now hold the knotted corner and the untied corner. The other fingers of your right hand curl naturally around the knot, concealing it from view.

Now give your a quick downward shake and release the untied corner.

Do this few times.

However, the last time you do it, you hold onto the untied end with your thumb and first finger and release the knotted end.

What you have done is to switch the corners of the handkerchief under cover of the downward shake.

If you try to make the last shake exactly like the previous shakes, then no one will notice this. The rhythm and action should match perfectly.

Give the handkerchief to someone and tell them to examine the knot and untie it.

They will be baffled by this quick, little trick.