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Calvin Klein Perfumes: An Overview

The world famous fashion brand 'Calvin Klein' was established in 1968. At first the product line was limited to designer apparel like underwear and jeans. Soon Calvin Klein followed it up with perfumes and colognes the perfumes and respective fragrance lines of the same were maintained by the Cosmetics Company.

There followed an outstanding line of inexpensive perfumes like ck free, ck one ckin2u, Euphoria, Euphoria Blossom, Secret Obsession, Man, Eternity for women, Eternity Moment so on and so forth. Every one of these perfumes had a unique blend that characterized each brand.

The earliest of these blends came into being in 1981 and the latest was introduced in 2010. All these perfumes were produced in collaboration with internationally famous perfumers such as Alberto Morillas, Carlos Benaim, Harry Fremont and Loc dong.

Calvin Klein scents are not in any way masculine or overpowering but very subtle and mysterious. Perfumes combine the qualities of modern femininity, chic, elegance and beauty in an inimitable blend. The fruitier of the perfumes might find favor with teenage girls who are committed to keep up with the latest fashion trends and as such keep in touch with the seasonal fashion releases closely.

Today the name Calvin Klein is heard all over the world and the monogram 'cK' is recognized everywhere. They have an exciting portfolio comprising of an extensive collection that includes the unisex scents cK one and cK be which are the world's first ever unisex fragrances that made the name famous in the annals of perfumery. These unisex brands are said to create a very specific signature the wearer's skin.

Whatever fragrance you happen to wear, you are sure to leave behind in your wake, your individuality, confidence and the very quality that make you stand apart from others like Calvin Klein perfume.