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Reebok shoes sale this season releases two new colors for its sign shoes model Instapump Fury OG to meet warm spring and summer. Designed respectively in fluorescent yellow and green lake as the main color tone, supplemented white and purple to increase the visual impact, and carried with classic Pump P50 and Hexalite cushioning technology to provide wearers with comfortable wearing, finally equipped with high durable rubber outsole.

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Where to buy Reebok x Popsicle sneakers Online Sale? Price, release date, and more explored

Bolton-based sportswear label Reebok is collaborating with the summer favorite brand, Popsicle, for a sneaker collection. The footwear label aims to make buyers reminisce as it lends a nostalgic aesthetic with the summertime treat to their classic silhouettes including, Classic Leather and Women's Classic Leather SP.

The sportswear label has unveiled seven colorways of the Classic Leather and Classic Leather SP silhouettes, combined, on its official site until now. The sneaker collection is slated to be launched on the official e-commerce site of Reebok, and a few select stores, including Footlocker on August 4, 2022, at 4 a.m. GMT.

More about the upcoming nostalgic 7-piece Reebok x Popsicle sneaker collection

Looking at the Reebok's history it has been clear that the label's marketing and design team has been celebrating the past, especially the 90s and early 2000's era.

In recent years, the brand has linked itself with Power Rangers, Ghostbusters, and Candyland, all of which had an immense impact during the 90s.

The Ice Pops Dessert-inspired collection includes the silhouette Classic Leather, Classic Leather SP, and Workout Plus iterations. The brand revealed seven colorways, which represent the different flavors of the Popsicle, including Cherry, Grape, Bomb Pops, and Creamsicle.

A whimsical and playful element is added in the Classic Leather SP product, where iterations are supplied with monochromatic pop color. One of the iterations of Classic Leather will come clad in tri-colored outsoles to showcase the perfect aesthetics of the popsicles.

The collection pieces include:

  1. Classic Leather SP Women's shoes in Instinct Red / Chalk / Instinct Red can be availed for $90.
  2. Classic Leather SP Women's shoes in Semi Fire Spark / Chalk / Semi Fire Spark can be availed for $90.
  3. Classic Leather SP Women's shoes in Purple Emperor / Chalk / Purple Emperor can be availed for $90.
  4. Classic Leather shoes in Ftwr White / Echo Blue / Instinct Red can be availed for $95.
  5. Classic Leather shoes in Purple Emperor / Purple Emperor / Purple Emperor can be availed for $90.
  6. Classic Leather shoes in Semi Fire Spark / Semi Fire Spark / Semi Fire Spark can be availed for $90.
  7. Classic Leather shoes in Instinct Red / Instinct Red / Instinct Red can be availed for $90.

The Popsicle classic like Creamsicles and Bomb Pops are reminiscised by the classic Reebok Classic Leather sneakers. The Classic Leather comes clad in monochrome upper in the shades of cherry, grape, and mango.

Similar flavors can also be seen taking over the Reebok Classic Leather SP for women. However, they are remixed with classic color-blocking scheme. The base of the upper is clad in cream white hue, which is accented with overlays of the popping flavor colors. The shoes also donnes a white midsole, and the design is finished off with the Popsicle branding on the midsole and tongue.

Other iterations, dubbed the Workout Plus, haven't been revealed officially by the label yet. The iteration comes pre-made with a removable patch over the iconic Reebok branding. The branding-cum-removable patch sits atop the quarter panels to give the consumers an unwrapping effect.

The full collaborative collection is slated to launch on August 4, 2022, at the official e-commerce site of Reebok in full family sizes. The prices will range from $45-$90 USD.

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Sole Mates: Mad Bad Ting and the Très Rasché x Reebok Outlet Club C Legacy "Diamanté"

The ability to create from a place of authenticity is what typically separates the great designers from the good ones. Rolling out products that are trendy is effective if you want to make a quick dime, but the fashion in which you humanize your brand through genuine messaging and inclusivity is what ultimately results in longevity, and Mad Bad Ting — founder of unisex label Très Rasché — is a burgeoning hyphenate that understands this notion very well. Just visit the Très Rasché website and notice the second header that’s spelled out in all-capitalized, bold font and reads “WEAR WHATEVER THE F*CK YOU WANT.” This alone speaks volumes about her mentality towards personal style and her ethos of demolishing gender barriers through future-forward design.

For Mad, fashion has been an area of interest since she was an adolescent. Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, she often participated in sports and was exposed to a barrage of subcultures that heavily influenced her tomboy-meets-skater-meets-street style sensibility. “When I get dressed, I use clothes and sneakers as armour”, she tells HYPEBEAST. “Aligning my daily outfit choice with what I need today — do I want to feel tough, sexy, bold, quiet? My daily style helps me navigate the world and feel confident in different situations.” And her affinity for fashion and its various cultures has guided her creative career trajectory where she’s gone on to style and create custom performance wardrobes for some of the biggest names in music from AlunaGeorge to Billie Eilish to Megan Thee Stallion, DJ fashion events across the globe, design jewelry at Louis Vuitton for Francesca Amfitheatrof and of course, find success in running her own label.

In recent memory, Mad was given the opportunity to whip up her third sneaker collaboration with the vector brand: the Très Rasché x Reebok Club C Legacy “Diamanté.” This serves as the latest chapter with Reebok after her take on the Club C Legacy that dropped in 2021, and it’s the focal point of this newest Sole Mates installment. The blinged-out kicks serve as a nostalgic love letter to the early ‘00s — an era when bedazzled walkmans, Myspace top eights and Phat Farm sneakers were hot topics of conversation.

We caught up with Mad to talk about her career journey thus far, her favorite details on her newest collaboration, what sneaker culture means to her and more.

HYPEBEAST: Who or what got you into sneakers?

MBT: I’d say my father and my brother. My father was an athlete his whole life and even played professional football in the ‘80s for the Kansas City Chiefs. And because he was really set on me being an athlete, I was a hardcore volleyball player growing up and dabbled into basketball as well. Because of sports, I was really into sneakers because they were so important for my performance.

My brother was always into these cool subcultures like hardcore punk and skate, he listened to the most interesting music, and read every book. He had a lot of influence on me as he introduced me to so many underground scenes and was a big influence on my sneakers and clothing growing up.

Having a dad that’s a former pro athlete isn’t a luxury that most people have. When you ponder on the valuable lessons that he’s taught you through sports, what immediately springs to mind?

My dad pushed me to attend Arizona State University running camps in the summer where he coached, and he would always tell me that I couldn’t be last even though I was the youngest person there, not to mention a girl. Sometimes I was really annoyed about it, but as an adult I’m so happy about how, in my fathers eyes, being a girl had nothing to do with my abilities or capabilities. Because of this he prepared me to be a woman in the real world. As a kid, I never thought about the challenges (and benefits) my femininity would bring until I was older and experiencing it but my father helped create a strong foundation of confidence.

Your last Club C Legacy was crafted with a bold green gradient pattern and this newest piece is much more minimal and elevated. What was your thought process behind this overt design departure?

The shoes were actually supposed to be released in 2021 (but COVID said nah), and so when I was approached by Reebok I wanted to reminisce on my life from 2001 and somehow convey that through the shoes. When I look back on this year I remember the lingering Y2K energy, stark whites & metallics, P Diddy and J.Lo’s ultimate couple swag, Janet Jackson‘s “All For You” music video (that I would sneak out in the middle of the night to watch), my bedazzled Brat doll — this is what inspired me. Plus, I’ve always been a big fan of white sneakers because they’re so fresh, I wanted to put my little spin on them.

Walk me through all of the details of the shoes and touch on your favorite part about designing this pair.

I’ve always been a huge fan of bedazzling things, especially as a kid. I was definitely the girl who had things like her CD player and headphones all bedazzled out, and that’s clearly one of the main and most important details on the kicks. I’m a natural lover of juxtaposition and merging things together that you may not think work. And given the nature of the model and how it already comes deconstructed, I love how the clean white scheme and diamanté crystal appliqué complement that motif instead of clashing with it. I also really love the monogrammed outsoles and the touches of suede and metallic on the tongues and toe boxes. All of those subtle details make a huge difference.

“Your hair says who you want to be and your shoes say who you are.”

Can we expect to see you and Reebok team up again in the future?

Definitely! We just debuted our upcoming Zig Kinetica II Edge capsule that’s slated to drop in Spring/Summer 2023. It’s by far my favorite sneaker that I’ve ever designed because the shape feels very me. Most of the times when you’re doing collaborations you’re not allowed to adjust the shape because of the mold that X company uses to make the shoes. It’s just like making jewelry, you’ve got to be sensitive with the shape in order to produce a lot of units.

Why are sneakers and the stories they hold important to you personally?

Your hair says who you want to be and your shoes say who you are. And on top of that, sneakers are just really close to my heart. Comfort has always been a big part of me growing up as an athlete, so sneakers tend to fulfill that for me from a performance standpoint. And there’s nothing quite better than a fly pair of kicks. It’s hard to make great sneakers as well. Other things that you wear such as a t-shirt may not fit perfectly but you make it work anyway, and that’s not exactly the same for shoes because it can really affect the wearer. Additionally, I really love sneakers, their culture and all the communities that they’ve created.

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Reebok shoes for men outlet online sale promise comfort and durability

Reebok is a sports brand known for its top quality and comfortable shoes, among other things. Many of us have long relied on this brand for all our footwear needs. We never even felt the need to try other brands, as there was never a point where we felt dissatisfied with the quality of shoes. You can find running shoes, walking shoes and training shoes, among other options, in this brand on Amazon. They come in striking colour options and marry both style and comfort seamlessly. 

Since there are plenty of options available in this brand, we thought we would shortlist the best one in the list below. There were some tough choices to make, but we managed to put together a list that will come in handy for you. Almost all the products come with lace-up closure and medium shoe width. To take a closer look, scroll down. 

Reebok Men's Stride Walker Walking Shoe
This pair of Reebok walking shoes comes with a lace-up closure and a medium shoe width. It is made of synthetic material and looks very smart. It is available in a slew of colours and is very comfortable to walk in. Lightweight and durable, this pair of shoes can easily become your favourite go-to, everyday wear option.

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Reebok Nano X2 Outlet Sale vs. Nike Metcon 7: Which CrossFit Shoe Holds the Crown?

The same can be said when it comes to workout gear — and over the past few years, no two brands have gone head-to-head quite like Nike and Reebok. With each iteration of their Nano and Metcon lineups, the two athletic brands are constantly compared to one another, especially in the eyes of CrossFit enthusiasts.

I've been a big fan of both stables since their inceptions, with the latest iterations — Reebok's Nano X2 and Nike's Metcon 7 — ranking highly in Gear Patrol's best gym shoe and best CrossFit shoe roundups. But in the spirit of competition, as well as the upcoming 2022 CrossFit Games, I decided to pit these two gym kicks against one another to finally determine which sneaker stacks up the best.

Across multiple workouts and disciplines, I compared the two shoes in lifting scenarios, as well as their capabilities in agility or run-based training. Finally, I took a good look at the overall build of each silhouette, highlighting the durability components as well as comfort and overall aesthetics. Here's what I learned.

The Metcons are slightly better at maxing out your heavy lifts

It's very clear that both the Nano X2 and Metcon 7 were designed with the gym in mind. Across multiple strength training modalities, I felt a great sense of support and stability thanks to the proprietary features in each build. Both feature a heel clip and a grounded feel thanks to limited drop — 4mm in the Nikes, 7mm in the Reeboks — and I was able to get a suitable footing with either of the workout-ready outsoles.

Similarities aside, though, I did feel better underfoot in the Metcon 7s, especially when squatting or deadlifting. A major reason for this is the built-in Hyperlift construction in the heel for a firmer, more rigid platform. Plus, the extended rubber overlay in the medial and lateral portions of the Metcon 7 gave more of that locked-in experience, which I prefer in a lifting shoe.

Durability favors Nike, but Reebok is right on its tail

Both the Nano X2s and Metcon 7s feature exceptional uppers that should last multiple seasons of intense training. However, the chain-link mesh upper in Nike's offering feature multiple overlays, which helps them stand out in terms of durability.

I also appreciated the extended rubber in the medial and lateral portions, which help protect the foam midsole during agility training. While the Flexweave upper in the Nano X2 is sturdy enough for normal training routines, I prefer the added security delivered by Nike.

This is not to say, however, that Reebok hasn't created a worthwhile shoe for extended use. While I personally prefer the Metcon upper, the fit is more aligned with my footprint. As is the case with other Nike silhouettes, the midfoot does run on the narrower side. For instances not related to training, I often found myself wearing the Nano X2s for this added room and comfort.

So, if you're an individual with wider feet or don't prefer a more locked-in, athletic feel, this is something to consider. There's plenty of durability built into the Reeboks for daily wear and general training.

The Verdict: the Nike Metcon 7s Take the Win

I want to preface this conclusion by saying that both the Reebok Nano X2 and Nike Metcon 7 are more than capable of handling even the most intense training regimens. Regardless of which one you opt for, you can rest assured these kicks are ready for the tasks at hand.

However, because of the built-in Hyperlift heel plate and more athletic silhouette, the Metcon 7 takes home the crown in this CrossFit duel. The stability and support, along with the enhanced medial rubber overlay, makes it hard to deny this sneaker's performance in the gym. If you're looking for a premium footwear option, then Nike still takes the cake.

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Beat the Heat With Popsicle and Reebok's Ice Cold Sneaker Outlet Online Collaboration

It’s pretty clear that the folks on the Reebok marketing and design teams have a soft spot for 90s/early 2000’s given as many of the brand’s collaborative collections evoke emotions of nostalgia. In recent years we’ve seen the vector brand link up with the Power RangersCandy Land and the Ghostbusters for special footwear projects, and now it’s going to add Popsicles to its ever-growing catalog.

The beat-the-heat dessert-inspired collection includes the Classic Leather and Workout Plus silhouettes. Several colorways of the former are designed to call out traditional flavors such as Grape, Cherry, Creamsicle and Bomb Pops. A playful element to note here is that latter of the iterations is supplied with tri-colored outsoles to perfectly channel its aesthetic. The Workout Plus offering comes pre-made with a removable patch over the Reebok branding that sits on the quarter panels to give wearers a cheek “unwrapping” effect.

Interested in picking up a pair? The full Popsicle x Reebok collection is scheduled to launch on August 4 in full family sizes. Prices will range from $45-$90 USD.

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Reebok Outlet Online Combines Performance and Lifestyle with the Nano 6000

BOSTON, Mass. – Reebok introduces the Nano 6000, a first-of-
its-kind Nano training shoe featuring design inspiration from the Reebok archives.

The Nano 6000 fuses Reebok’s iconic lifestyle design heritage with its leading positioning in the current fitness footwear space, creating the ultimate training shoe for in-and-out of the
gym style.

The Reebok Nano 6000

“The Nano 6000 was born out of the simple idea to marry two of Reebok’s most well-
known franchises: our iconic lifestyle offerings and the Nano training shoe,” says Tal Short, Reebok Senior Product Manager. “As performance and lifestyle worlds continue to combine, we created the Nano 6000 to offer athletes of all kinds a product that looks great on the streets, but still performs well in the gym.”

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Reebok Outlet Store Introduces Its Latest Addition to the "Workout Plus" Family

Following the release of its collaboration with Mountain Research on the Club C II MidReebok has now added a new sneaker to its ever-growing collection. Introducing the latest edition of its “Workout Plus,” the Bolton-born brand has presented a new spin on its classic design.

Inspired by an iconic tote bag from summer memories in New England, the latest “Workout Plus” features canvas and textile uppers. By also including lace closures, textile linings, and a double rubber cupsole, the sneaker’s silhouette has been designed to be a relaxed fit made for athletic movements in stylish fashion. Reebok has ensured they keep the sneaker sustainably-made too, its EVA foam midsole has been used as a substitute for natural rubber, vinyl, neoprene, and polyurethane.

Keeping the color palette fairly minimalistic, its white base makes room for the accents of blue across the sole, internal lining, and embroidered Reebok branding across the side. 

You can have a closer look at Reebok’s “Workout Plus” above and it is now available on the official Reebok store and select retailers for £85 (approx. $105 USD).

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Here's a Closer Look at the Reebok Outlet Sale Releases Coming to HBX This Week

Following recent reveals of Reebok‘s anticipated collaborations for 2022, including the JJJound x Reebok NPC II announced this week, we now have a closer look at two collections, from the Billionaire Boys Club Zig Kinetica II to the Eames Classic Leather “Elephant” Pack, that just arrived on HBX. ..........Read full article


Everyone deserves a pair of sneakers that amplifies the craving for everyday success. That said, the power of comfortable and accessible footwear should not be exclusive. Thankfully Reebok really wants to help the physically challenged community with a gimmick-free collection of lifestyle and performance-oriented sneakers.

Brands like Nike have lately offered adaptive sneakers for people with disability but were they affordable? Surely, not. The Go FlyEase hand-free sneakers are a good example of this fact. They were at one point in time very inaccessible, and some resellers listed them online for an exorbitant price tag of $2,000. In the end, their purpose of helping the disabled community got juxtaposed. Rebook wants to fix this with the Fit to Fit accessible footwear collection which is practical and priced sensibly for everyone to explore without burning a hole in the pocket.

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Maharishi Adds Military Influences to the Reebok Classic Legacy AZ Outlet Online

London-based label maharishi has revealed a new collaboration with Reebok, putting its own spin on the Classic Legacy AZ silhouette. The collaborative design channels maharishi’s utilitarian and military influences, particularly taking inspiration from experimental flight suits and flight jackets.

The classic MA-1 flight jacket is referenced through the use of its signature nylon construction, which appears on the shoe alongside contrasting MIL-SPEC ripstop panels. This construction arrives in an olive and black color palette, nodding to the patches used as insignia on uniforms, before being finished with 3M reflective highlights and Reebok’s much-loved gum sole.

maharishi’s Reebok Classic Legacy AZ “Subdued” is due to release on June 10 through the maharishi web store and the label’s physical locations in London and New York.

In other footwear news, JJJJound also recently teased a new collaboration alongside Reebok.

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