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Reebok shoes sale this season releases two new colors for its sign shoes model Instapump Fury OG to meet warm spring and summer. Designed respectively in fluorescent yellow and green lake as the main color tone, supplemented white and purple to increase the visual impact, and carried with classic Pump P50 and Hexalite cushioning technology to provide wearers with comfortable wearing, finally equipped with high durable rubber outsole.

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19-year-old from Scripps Ranch helps design exclusive Reebok sneaker Outlet Online

SAN DIEGO — Scripps’s ranch native Ben Gass went from admiring sneakers, to making them. This was all thanks to manifesting his dreams and responding to an email.

“I subscribed to this Sneaker group in Portland Oregon, and they sent out an email saying that they were choosing a handful of kids to help design a sneaker. From there, three of us were chosen and we went on to help design it as a team," Gas said.


Once he and the others were selected, Ben hit the ground running. After taking a class through the company Yellow Brick, he learned the ins and outs of sneaker design and the step-by-step how to make a shoe. Once he completed the class, he and his team started to form the Reebok Yellow Brick Duality sneaker.  

“It was a pretty cool process. There was a lot that went into the class, and it was very helpful.” Gass said. “We had to turn in projects of what designs we made, and it ended up being super helpful and we just learned how to make a sneaker.”

Gass has always had a creative mind ever since he was little. His inspiration for sneaker design came from him drawing jersey designs with different color schemes and looks as a kid.

“I always loved just drawing cool designs for football jerseys,  that’s when it really started for me, and it made me want to design more and more things," Gass said. "Then, once I found my love for sneakers, designing them and making them is something I wanted to do.”

What makes Ben's story so interesting is that he set a goal from the time he was little and kept with that goal, manifesting his dreams until they became a reality.

“I wrote down two things on my bucket list. I wanted to do two things. One, I wanted to make a clothing brand, and two I wanted to design a sneaker for a major company and I did both of those," Gass said.

Ben continues chasing goals that he set for himself, “For anyone watching this, all I have to say is go chase your dreams, whatever you want to do, you can do it if you work hard and truly believe.

The Reebok Yellow Brick Duality sneaker sold out in less than a day and is no longer available for purchase.

WATCH: Yellowbrick x Reebok x APB Duality Launch:

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Netflix And Reebok Team Up For The Reebok x Casa outlet online deal

Calling all Money Heist fans, we have some great news for you! The notion of merch has just been taken to a whole new level by Netflix and American sneaker giant Reebok, as the pair team up to bring you the Reebok x Casa Del Papel collection.

Paying homage to both the breakout series and sportswear line, fans of the show are offered a reinvention of four of Reebok’s most beloved and iconic silhouettes in the new collection. A line that includes the Classic Leather, Freestyle Hi, Zig Kinetica II and Club C, all of which have been washed over with the show’s infamous black and red colour palette, stand as a subtle and stylish tribute to its drama-filled twists and now-infamous plot. And, proving that the devil really is in the detail, die-hard fans will be ecstatic to learn that not only are the names of their favourite characters etched onto the new shoes, but that the coveted gold that the show’s final series revolves around actually features in some of the designs in the form of a rub away window box.

One for the fanboys and girls, Netflix and Reebok are not only encouraging us to binge-watch the whole of Money Heist again, but they are encouraging us to do so in a brand new pair of trainers.

To shop the collection, head to…

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Reebok Outlet OnlineTaps Netflix's 'La Casa De Papel' for Heist-Inspired Footwear Collaboration

Reebok has tapped Netflix‘s Money Heist (also known as La Casa De Papel) for a collection of apparel and footwear inspired by the comedy-drama series, which concluded in December of last year. The range plants motifs from the series on Reebok’s most esteemed silhouettes: the Classic Leather, Freestyle Hi, Zig Kinetica II and Club C.

The Classic Leather takes on the identity-concealing masks worn by the heist crew with a 3D-molded side stripe featuring texture that mimics the masks’ mustache, while the Freestyle Hi pays homage to Tokyo’s signature Ankh necklace and features a rub-away window block that reveals highly-sought-after gold. The Zig Kentica II reworks the stealthy squad’s red jumpsuits with a textile upper, premium stitching and an inspired zipper detail, and the Club C toasts to the Professor with a glasses-shaped metal lace dubrae, a tie and wire detail molded after his earpiece on the shoe’s tongue.

Each footwear silhouette arrives inside unique packaging inspired by the Royal Mint of Spain, where the La Casa De Papelcrew completed their first heist. Shoes are wrapped in red tissue paper, which is intended to symbolize the Professor’s liking for origami.

Rounding out the capsule, Reebok and Netflix are offering up a selection of T-shirts and hoodies, all of which play on the crew’s skillful heist tactics in various graphic forms. Sizing ranges from 2XS to 2XL, according to the brand.

The Reebox x La Casa de Papel collection is now available to shop on Reebok’s website. Take a look at the collection above.

In more footwear news, Adidas has given the Ultra4D its rainbow Primeknit treatment.

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Maison Margiela and Reebok Outlet Online Add Three Models to Their "Memory Of" Collection

adidas joining forces with Prada back in 2019 spawned a whole new era of sportswear companies linking up with luxury houses to produce collaborative products. In response to this, Reebok hopped on the train and aligned with Parisian designer imprint Maison Margiela to fuse two of their icons with the Instapump Fury and the Tabi Boot back in 2020, and they’ve been consistent partners ever since. This year, the two parties have introduced a “Memory Of” footwear collection, and after releasing the Club C and Classic Leather offerings, the duo is expanding upon this initiative with three silhouettes: the Instapump Fury Memory Of, Question Memory Of, and the Zig 3D Storm
Memory Of

John Galliano — Maison Margiela’s current creative director — reimagines these iconic Reebok models through its signature concept known as the memory of. It leans on the house’s illusionary and figurative design language and is visible through deconstruction. First on the roster is the lifestyle treasure that is the Instapump Fury. The overall shape of the model is kept intact, but Margiela makes a subtle tweak in its construction as the flexible bridges that usually appear on the middle hole of the pump buttons have migrated to the rear. Additionally, the bladder has been beefed up in volume, the foam around the interior heels and toe boxes are now exposed.

Allen Iverson‘s Question Mid Memory Of offering has been spruced up with a more elevated aesthetic yet it looks as if it’s been slightly dissected. Uppers have been crafted with premium tumbled leather uppers, but holes have been punched out where the mid-foot vector logos usually sit as well as on the higher regions of the heel. Lace loops have been skewed to the middle the tongue, and this creates a lacing system that’s reminiscent of gillies. Additionally, the traditional “3” logos that are on the lower heels have been substituted for “22” hits which are symbolic of Margiela’s numeric labels.

Last up in this assemblage is the Zig 3D Storm Memory Of. Uppers of this low-slung iteration have been inverted in an effort to show off the intricate tech details that are found inside. Elements of the shoes that are now more visible include the molded heel padding, printed shell and graphics of the interiors and the perforations of its intertwining tongues. Vector logos on the toes have been made with frayed cotton twill that’s laminated in foil for extra flair while Margiela’s insignia is stitched in.

Each silhouette will come in either black and white colorways, and will release via Reebok and Maison Margiela on May 20 for $400 USD each.

On the hunt for other footwear news? Reebok is bringing back AI’s Answer IV “54 Points” colorway.

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Reebok Outlet Store Answer IV “54 Points” Remembers Iverson’s Scoring Outburst In 2001 Playoffs

There’s not competing with the 2000-2001 season when trying to pinpoint Allen Iverson’s best campaign. A trip to the Finals and a league MVP is a scenario only a few players in NBA history have accomplished, which is why Reebok has continued to go back to that well for inspiration on his retro footwear. Up next for the Reebok Answer IV looks back at the Playoffs of that year, remembering one of the best single-game postseason performances in NBA history.


In Game 2 of the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals, the Sixers found themselves down one game to none after dropping the first game to the Raptors. Iverson put the team on his back, dropping 54 points to lead the Sixers to a closer victory. AI and Philly would go on to defeat Toronto in seven games, earning a trip to the NBA Finals and shocking the Lakers with a Game 1 win.


In celebration of that game, Reebok is bringing back the Answer IV in a clean and understated white/grey colorway the represents the all-business demeanor of AI during that must-win game. Expect these on and the retailers listed below on May 6th for $150.

Reebok Answer IV "54 Points"Release Date: May 6th, 2022 (Friday)Color: N/A

Mens: $150Style Code: GX6234
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Packer Styles Up the Reebok Outlet Online Answer IV In a Crisp "White/Silver" Palette

Reebok will often partner up with several retailers across the globe every year for collaborative initiatives, and one that the Boston imprint will often gravitate to is Packer. Earlier this year, the two parties came together to launch a special Answer IV “Ultramarine” colorway, and now the duo has officially announced the follow-up: the Packer x Reebok Answer IV “White/Silver.”

Like its predecessor, this new offering unofficially nods to Prada‘s iconic Americas Cup luxury sneaker, but with a lighter palette. The East Coast retailer reworks Allen Iverson’s signature model with “Silver” mesh underlays and tongues and accompanies them next to crisp white leather overlays across the heels, mid-foot and toe boxes. Red accents pop out through the zipper covers and the lower heel badges which host the customary Reebok vector branding.

Check out official lookbook images of the shoes in the gallery above and note that Packer has them available now through its online store for $180 USD. They will also be available on a FCFS basis at Packer’s retail spaces at 12pm EDT today.

Looking for other sneaker news? Shawn Kemp’s Reebok Kamikaze II has dropped in Seattle Supersonics colors.

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APB Taps Three Students To Design Their Reebok Collaboration Online Sale

APB Store has steadily placed its efforts towards pushing the community-driven purpose of the Whitaker Group. As one of the heralded retail establishments under James Whitner’s guidance, APB has daringly given three young students the opportunity to design their sneaker collaborations with Reebok.


Through the Yellowbrick program, Reebok and APB chose three young students — Isaac “Ikey” Reeves, Ashley Hamilton, and Ben Gass — to design a shoe and direct the strategy for the launch. Working on the CL Legacy silhouette, the collective arrived at a concept of “Duality”, focusing on the motto of “Dream in the night, achieve in the day”. The colors reflect themes of both night and day, while the official look-book champions that all-day hustle mentality.


Just 150 pairs of the highly limited edition is dropping exclusively through APB Store (in-store and online) on April 29th; in celebration of the drop, APB will host an interactive discussion on the processes that went into creating the sneaker from start to finish (April 28th, 6-8pm at Columbia, SC store).

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Shawn Kemp’s Reebok Kamikaze II to Release Outlet Online In Seattle Supersonics Colors

Reebok is currently going through a transition phase with its Kamikaze II as it has officially been renamed the “Hurrikaze” out of respect for Japanese war culture. During this period, the silhouette will still be released in various colorways under its original name, one of which is this new iteration that is dressed up in Seattle Supersonics-friendly tones to honor NBA legend Shawn Kemp.

The kicks are devised with smooth leather uppers, most of which are outfitted in white to let the team-inspired accents do the talking. Zig-zag overlays across the base layers and midsoles have been styled with a bold green hue, the former of which comes readied with fake water droplets to call out Kemp’s “Rain Man” nickname while the latter feature yellow speckles. Further hints of yellow also touch down on the Reebok tongue logos and forefoot and heel vector insignias to complete its Sonics-inspired ensemble.

If you want to add these to your rotation, make note that select retailers like Finish Line will be dropping them on April 15.

Elsewhere in the world of sneakers, Randomevent and Reebok reveal new “Travel in Trouble” collaboration for Spring 2022.

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Relive your favorite Saturday morning cartoons with Reebok’s Outlet new The Jetsons and The Flintstones collection

Reebok can’t seem to resist a good pop culture collaboration. Previously the brand has released collections based on beloved movie franchises like Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park. The shoe and appeal brand is taking us back to our favorite Saturday morning cartoons with its latest The Jetsons and The Flintstones collection.

This nostalgic grouping of shoes and clothing items features plenty of things to warm any fan’s heart. For fans of The Jetsons, you’ll be happy to find three sets of sneakers inspired by the futuristic family. The Classic Legacy AZ Shoes ($110) are based on George Jetson and his Spacely Space Sprockets featuring metallic detailing, switches, and lightning. Even the lining showcases some of the show’s iconic cartoons. However, everyone has a horrible boss, right? George Jetson had to deal with Mr. Cosmo Spacely, the inspiration behind the Zig Dynamica 2 Men’s Shoes ($100). Those who love Jane Jetson will be happy to try out the bright pink and yellow Club C Legacy Shoes ($100,) which even have liners based on Jane’s beauty, robots, and favorite hobby. You can also find a Rosie the Robot-inspired pair of sneakers ($130) with rivets, metallic details, and a tongue that looks like her hair.

Now, if we go back in time to the Stone Age, we’ll get to see the shoes inspired by The Flintstones. As fans will remember, the titular family lived in a town called Bedrock. The Nano X1 Men’s Training Shoes ($140) design is based on their hometown and includes 3D bones, rocks, stones, and even brontosaurs burgers and steaks in the lining. Of course, one of the most iconic members of the Flintstone family must be the matriarch, Wilma, and now there’s a pair of The Club C Men’s Shoes ($100) inspired by her outfits. This pair features a jagged white leather upper and outer inspired by her white dress, and there’s even a decorative detail by the shoelaces referencing her necklace. There are also sneakers inspired by creatures from the show, like the green alien Great Gazoo ($140) and the adorably bright pink Snorkasaurus ($150).

If you love both shows, be sure to check out the Instapump Fury 94 Shoes ($200), which combine design elements from both shows, like the animal and fur prints from The Flintstones and metallic details from The Jetsons.

Head over to Reebok to check out the new The Jetsons and The Flintstones collection of shoes and clothing before they sell out.

This post contains affiliate links, where we may receive a percentage of any sale made from the links on this page. Prices and availability accurate as of the time of publication.

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Bodega's hot streak continues unabated, with the retailers' plethora of collaborative heat leading up to a new Reebok collab that's once again all hits, no misses.

In case you need a reminder of just how much ass Bodega has kicked over the past few months alone, refresh your memory of Bodega x 18 East, HOKA ONE ONE, and New Balance. Plus, there's Nike Dunk High en route.

All good stuff, though it'd hardly be unfair to posit that last year's Reebok Club C collab was a particular high point for Bodega. Appropriate that, once again, Bodega has taken that perfect silhouette and made it even perfect-er.

Bodega's recipe for success: take one (1) Club C. Add top-shelf brown suede and pebbled leather. Garnish with 3D, gilded branding. Stir. Let cool. Serve.

The resulting shoe is indeed nothing short of a snack.

Crisp as any Club C that's ever come before, Bodega & Reebok's latest team-up epitomizes simplicity in all the right ways.

Releasing on April 8 via Bodega's website and stores, its new Club C takes the classic silhouette to luxury extremes with a plush upper, co-branding that borrows from the previous Club C team-up, and smart use of a contrasting sole to break up the tonal upper.

It's a pleasantly premium take on a timeless silhouette, one that takes the Club C's inherent appeal beyond mere versatility.

Now, this thing is a veritable luxury shoe as flex-worthy as anything coming from the big European luxury houses.

Makes you wish that all Club Cs could be this nice but, then again, this is where Bodega comes in to make things better.

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